My leadership journey

My journey as a leadership consultant is deeply rooted in my own history. Early in my twenties being an entrepreneur, I was unexpectedly catapulted into a leadership role when we founded our own startup. As the company grew, I found myself in the challenging position of leading different teams, where some of the employees were older than myself. Despite having a solid academic background, I faced a huge gap: I had learned a lot at university, but I had absolutely no knowledge of how to lead a company and its people.

This confrontation with my own limitations marked a turning point. I embarked on an intensive learning journey to master the art of leadership – a journey that continues to this day where I never stop learning. Throughout my career in innovation and digital service design, I’ve been privileged to witness a wide range of leadership styles, from the truly exemplary to those painfully deficient. This spectrum has not only exposed me to the profound impact of effective leadership, but also to the distressing consequences that can ensue from a lack of vision, empathy, or competence.

From my own challenge, a deep passion has emerged: to help other leaders develop and refine their skills. I understand the loneliness and pressure that can come with leadership positions, and I am determined to be a support for those facing similar challenges. My goal is to not only shape better leaders through my work but also to nurture individuals who can drive positive change within their teams, organizations and the world.

In my coaching and training sessions, I meld my personal experiences with proven academic methods and techniques to provide customized solutions that truly make a difference. I combine extensive practical experience with state-of-the-art research from the academic world, as I also work as a professor at University of applied science in Munich and at MUC.DAI – Munich Center for digital science and artificial intelligence. This unique blend allows me to offer insights that are both deeply practical and academically rigorous.

I firmly believe that true leadership comes from within. It’s about more than simply guiding teams; it’s about fostering an environment where each person can grow and make their unique contribution.

If you are ready to take your leadership skills to the next level and foster a culture of innovation and humanity in your organization, I look forward to accompanying you on this exciting journey.

Prof. Dr. Tina Weisser

What shaped me....

24.000 hours as an executive

24 years as an entrepreneur

competed in 55 triathlons

50.000 km traveled by bicycle

4.900 diapers changed

766 theoretical models studied

36.000 minutes meditated

written 18.800 post-its

learned new. things 16.000 x

7.750 downward facing dogs

lived in 7 cities


My expertise

At the core of my offerings is Leadership—the essential element from which the transformative energy of Organizational Change and the innovative spark of Digital Service Design, UX, and AI emanate. Leadership acts as the catalyst within this triad, driving progress and inspiring excellence across the organization.

My programs are designed with a human-centered, leadership-focused approach, aimed at cultivating and nurturing the critical leadership skills in today’s technology-driven marketplace. By focusing on leadership development, I provide personalized coaching and mentoring that is designed to not only unlock the intrinsic potential within each leader but also to create ripple effects that enhance the capacity for Organizational Change and Digital Innovation.

Through this leadership-centric philosophy, I guide organizations to navigate the complexities of change, ensuring that leaders are equipped to empower their teams towards embracing digital innovations with agility and strategic foresight. The Leadership Development programs I offer are a blend of robust theory and practical application, tailored to address real-world situations while fostering a human-centered and planet-conscious ethos within the organization.

For me, Leadership is not just an aspect of the support I offer – it is the very essence, from which all strategies and solutions evolve to foster an environment where Organizational Transformation and Digital Service Design can thrive. Under the stewardship of authentic leaders, who are adept at withstanding uncertainties, this approach ensures that businesses are not only prepared for the challenges of today but are also well-positioned for the opportunities of tomorrow.

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My professional background

  • 20 years in management, innovation consulting and leadership
  • Entrepreneur and executive in a startup for 8 years
  • Sold my startup successfully
  • Professor for Service Design, UX, and Digital Leadership
  • Leading a program at Munich Center for Digital Science and AI - MUC.DAI
  • Teaching at the Munich University of Applied Sciences
  • Ph.D. in Change Management & Digital Service Design
  • University studies in Psychology, Design and Engineering (Architecture)
  • Training in Systemic Organizational Consulting, Coaching, Leadership
  • Certified as a Scrum Master, Service Design Master Trainer

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Talks and Publications

Global Service Design Conference, Dublin

“Finding the center of strength within ourselves is in the long run the best contribution we can make to our fellow men.”

- Rollo May


Food for Thought

"Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It’s precisely that simple, and it’s also that difficult”

- Warren Bennis